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KIOSK IQ unifies, monitors, controls and analyses digital signage systems independent of location and in real time. To optimise performance, display, environmental or player data is communicated to and documented in a cloud-based dashboard. 24/7 monitoring, cloud alert rules with escalation management and notifications via e-mail or SMS alert users immediately and allow them to respond to immediate problems before they escalate. The small KIOSK IQ box can be retrofitted into existing installations and guarantees perfect maintenance and experience management.
Data overview
Alert notifications
Cost savings
Energy efficiency
Module variety

Keep track of everything!

Using the widgets that you define yourself on your clearly presented dashboard, you quickly get an overview of all devices and can evaluate and analyse data in the long term.

Reduce response time!

Alert notifications enable service staff to respond immediately to problems before they escalate - thus, for example, they can identify and fix the cause of a black screen in record time, often before the customer notices it themselves.

Save maintenance costs!

Analyses and performance optimisation through data aggregation on the dashboard, alert notifications and remote player cold starts result in approx. 55% fewer on-site visits and a considerable reduction in maintenance costs.

For more greener signage!

Automatic temperature control, adjustment of brightness to the ambient light, switching off panels when no movement is registered or controlling the display’s switch-on and switch-off times via the cloud: Together, these measures lead to reduced power consumption and longer device service life for greener signage.

Configure modules!

Individually adapted to your needs: Configure the intelligence of your KIOSK IQ box from a wide variety of modules. Choose from different modules. Climate, light, movement or vibration sensors automatically record and evaluate all your device and environmental data.

All devices at a glance The Kiosk IQ Dashboard

*images are illustrative
Perfect digital signage management can be this simple: KIOSK IQ is a cloud-based tool that combines players, displays and sensors to present, document, monitor and analyse the measurement data on a dashboard using clear widgets. Compile your own variable dashboard using widgets that are relevant to you - whether climate data and status notifications for your displays or memory utilisation of your player. Furthermore, you can filter locations and clusters, e.g. by alert status or locations.

How smart do you want it to be?

The modular Kiosk IQ System

Individually adapted to your needs: Configure the intelligence of your KIOSK IQ box from a wide variety of modules.
Power remote
Switch your displays and players on and off remotely using KIOSK IQ - use our ready-made 12 or 230 V power adapters.
KIOSK IQ measures and evaluates device and ambient temperatures. For even more control, several temperature sensors can be used on a single device.
An important module especially for outdoor displays - KIOSK IQ sends an alert if the humidity is too high and automatically starts the selected escalation program, for example activating the heating and fans.
No movement registered KIOSK IQ turns off the display or switches to advertising content that has a better remote effect.
With the vibration sensor, KIOSK IQ detects whether your device is exposed to vibrations or external forces, immediately sends an alert and helps to prepare precise analyses.
Surrounding light
The light sensor measures ambient light and KIOSK IQ automatically adjusts the brightness of your display for optimal settings and energy efficiency.
Security Contact
Thanks to the contact sensor, KIOSK IQ sends an alert as soon as the housing is opened.
KIOSK IQ also has an optional LTE modem.
This means you can use KIOSK IQ even without LAN/W-LAN.
Player Watchdog
Reliable player monitoring via KIOSK IQ using the Watchdog app - all data for your digital signage player, such as CPU utilisation, temperature, memory and RAM are displayed. Content activity is also monitored. 
Display Control
Using the RS-232 interface integrated in KIOSK IQ, you can also control and monitor your display remotely.


*images are illustrative
WiFi 2.4G
LTE/ GPRS-Modem (optional)
4 analog sensor inputs
3 hybrid sensor inputs - analog/digital
5 relays up to 240V AC, 30V DC, up to 10A
USB-C Serial Port
Bosch sensor for humidity and temperature
12V output
Switchable 12V output
Dimensions (HxWxD): 177 x 122 x 37mm
Weight: 480g 

Good to know:

It’s amazing what’s in it! Find out more about your smart little KIOSK IQ box. And if you still have questions, you can contact us quickly and easily via the button below.
Smart and cool
climate control!
KIOSK IQ’s climate control feature automatically controls the heating and fans of your digital signage systems based on an analysis of climate data.
Extend existing digital signage installations with the small and smart KIOSK IQ box.
For the perfect customer experience!
KIOSK IQ optimises your experience management by combining digital signage and environmental control - for example, your ice cream range is automatically advertised on sunny days.
Detailed reports for predictive maintenance
Analyse your data to detect deviations at an early stage. This means for example, with KIOSK IQ you can read out the operating hours of the backlights and plan service calls specifically and proactively to avoid additional trips.


Choose your personal KIOSK IQ package tailored to your needs.


5-Minute check
E-Mail alerts
Clear dashboard
Temperature measurement
Power remote


1-minute check
E-mail alerts
SMS notifications
Clearly presented dashboard
Temperature measurement
Power remote
Optional module extension 


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